The Somerset Employment and Skills Steering group (SESSG) has been established to oversee the development and implementation of of the employment and skills objectives of within the Somerset Growth Plan.

The SESSG has developed the ‘Employment and Skills Strategy‘ which sets out ‘strategic priorities’.

Our ‘strategic priorities’ are:

  • Ensure that our future workforce are highly skilled and properly prepared and motivated for their future roles both in the workforce and as responsible citizens.

  • Ensure that our current workforce are aspirational and, through the ongoing development of their skills, able to make a full contribution to the workforce during their working careers.

  • Work with our business community to realise local workforce potential.

  • Promote and develop higher skills provision in Somerset.

As well as these Strategic Priorities, there are three cross-cutting work themes:

  • Increase and Improve the provision of careers education, advise and guidance with a view to ensuring that the diverse routes into employment, and for career progression, are fully promoted and alternative career pathways understood and accessible to all.

  • Ensure that appropriate priorities and interventions are incorporated into the West Somerset Opportunity Area Strategy and Delivery Plans with the aim of improving low social mobility in West Somerset.

  • Create an effective apprenticeship service for Somerset that raises awareness of opportunities , and promotes apprenticeships for both employers and potential apprentices ensuring that supply and demand are equal.

Task and Finish Groups have been established to deliver these priorities.